澳博体育app, we believe that God has given each of our students unique and wonderful talents. It is our goal to help our students discover and develop these talents, 给他们很多机会使用这些天赋, 同时建立对艺术的终身欣赏. Students have the opportunity to develop their talents in the 视觉艺术 (Art, 视频制作, 计算机图形学, 和摄影), 合唱和器乐, 和戏剧.

我们的美术教师在他们自己的权利天赋, 并热衷于分享他们对艺术的热爱. Our goal is that our students will strive for excellence while using their gifts as an act of worship unto God.





劳拉·纳尔逊·凯利是奥兰治伍德的美术总监, 担任五至十二年级音乐学生的合唱指挥. She brings many years of teaching experience in both public and private schools. Laura holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Florida State University. Laura's 高中 Choir students travel to New York each year to perform in a Broadway show at Lincoln Center produced by Manhattan Concert Productions.  Laura is a three-time quarter-finalist in the Grammy for Music Teachers competition. 除了教学, Laura enjoys singing, performing, and writing music. 

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休Rechner serves as the 器乐 teacher at Orangewood Christian School. 休来自纽约州耶洛奈夫.W.在加拿大的北极地区. He received his undergraduate degree from North American Baptist College in Edmonton, 阿尔伯塔省, 以及惠顿学院的神学硕士学位. 除了教学, 休是个有造诣的鼓手, 作为敬拜和艺术牧师在事工中工作了17年.

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Brittney汉密尔顿 serves as the Kindergarten through 6th grade art teacher at Orangewood Christian School. Brittney holds a Bachelor of 美术 in Computer Art from The Savannah College of Art and Design.  布兰妮对粉彩有浓厚的兴趣, 生活画, 绘画, 艺术历史, 绘图和色彩理论. Brittney has enjoyed working at Orangewood Christian School and finds it a great honor to inspire children to have a better understanding and passion for art.

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米歇尔·布莱曼 serves as the Middle and 高中 Theatre teacher. 她每年还指导三部OCS的主舞台作品. Michelle received her degree in Theatre Education from Oral Roberts University, and spent the first half of her career as a professional actor and television host. Michelle is happy to be at OCS inspiring students to strive for excellence in the arts.

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莉兹·霍根出身于创意界. She earned a Bachelor of 美术 degree from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, a Master’s degree in Studio Art from Azusa Pacific University in California,  then went on to work with the creative teams at American Greetings and Anthropologie.

莉兹有插画方面的经验, 平面设计, 工作室艺术(绘画), 绘画, 雕刻), 画廊及博物馆工作, 产品开发, 包装, 品牌, 室内设计, 照片的样式, 和销售, 并与市场代表一起工作, 买家和国际供应商. 她喜欢绘画、素描、建筑、雕刻等等! 

But she especially loves helping others to understand and navigate the 视觉艺术 world, 尤其是从基督教的角度来看. Art is a universal language capable of communicating one's strongest ideas and emotions. Used well, this language can inform and bless humanity and the Body of Christ.

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克里斯蒂热爱艺术创作和教学. 原产于乔治亚州东北部, 她在威尔默的阿斯伯里学院获得文学学士学位, KY with a focus in 绘画 and a Master of 美术 from New York Academy of Art in Manhattan in 绘画 and the human figure. She taught art at a public school in Brooklyn, NY for 7 years before moving to Florida in 2021. 

She loves the human figure and is continually amazed by God's craftsmanship and artistry in how he created all of creation and particularly in how he created man in his own image. “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.” She is amazed that God has gifted his creatures with the ability to create and to appreciate beauty. Through the art-making process, we bring him glory and proclaim his handiwork. She loves seeing the creativity of her students throughout the year and witnessing the ways God stretches and grows each one. 她继续创作自己的艺术作品,包括绘画, 绘画, 版画, 还有纸塑雕塑. 

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夫人. 劳里园 returns for her second year at OCS as one of the Music teachers for our 澳博体育app.  She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in Music Education and taught for 2 years in Colorado before coming to Florida to perform for the Disney Company.  除此之外, 她在北国教堂当了二十年的声乐指挥, 与数百名儿童和成人一起工作, 年龄从5岁到80岁不等.  

她嫁给了史蒂夫·格罗夫斯, who serves the 澳博体育app in Audio for many of our school functions and productions. 他们是汉娜·乔的父母, 谁是OCS的“终身雇员”, having attended all the way from Kindergarten through high school graduation.

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夫人. Macnab is originally from Indiana, and moved to Florida after high school.  She graduated from Stetson University in 2012 with a degree in Music Education. She can play many instruments, but clarinet and  piano are her main instruments.  夫人. Macnab is in her 10th year as a music teacher, and her 2nd year at Orangewood Christian School.  除了教学 classes, she also gives private lessons after school. She very much enjoys getting to work with such wonderful children and families, 教音乐作为赞美和崇拜的表达.

夫人. 麦克纳布是一位活跃的音乐家, 在沃卢西亚社区交响乐团董事会任职, as well as performing with a local wind ensemble and a clarinet orchestra. 夫人. Macnab is also active with the Worship team at City Sanctuary Church in Deland, and occasionally can be seen at the piano at other local churches as a substitute.

夫人. 麦克纳布和她的丈夫有两个孩子, 米迦,西拉, 都是今年OCS的学生.  When she is not making music, she enjoys gardening and baking/cooking. 她还喜欢绘画和用她的双手工作.  

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